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IFFA 2016 schließt mit Rekordwerten
19.05.2016 14:44:48
IFFA 2016 schließt mit Rekordwerten: mehr Aussteller, mehr Besucher und höhere Internationalität mit rund 66 Prozent Besucher und Aussteller zeigen sich außerordentlich zufrieden IFFA als Weltleitmesse ihrer Branche bestätigt Die IFFA, die Nr. 1 der Fleischwirtschaft, schließt nach sechs erfolgreichen Messetagen ihre Tore. Über 63.000 Besucher aus 143 Ländern besuchten vom 7. bis 12. Mai…
IFFA 2016 sets new records: more exhibitors, more visitors and a higher level of internationality!
30.05.2016 08:33:22
IFFA 2016 sets new records: more exhibitors, more visitors and a higher level of internationality at around 66 percent! Visitors and exhibitors extremely pleased with the fair IFFA confirmed as the world’s leading trade fair for the sector IFFA – The No. 1 for the meat industry – closed its doors today after six successful…
20.05.2016 16:00:09
AZ Surgelati Spa – COMPANY SALE View details on www.industrialdiscount.com – auction 1183 Bankruptcy n.22/2015 – Court of Santa Maria Capua Vetere Sale of company AZ SURGELATI S.p.A. in liquidation having as company object the production, quick-freezing and packaging of pizza, located in Agglomerato Industriale San Marco – 81100 – Marcianise (CE). The assets include:…
Mini Motor: Quality, precision and efficiency!
12.05.2016 11:04:23
QUALITY PRECISION EFFICIENCY: “ENDLESS” VALUES. Mini Motor designs and manufactures all of its products and their components in-house: motor, reduction unit and electronics. This manufacturing choice is a guarantee of prime build quality, absolute operating precision and superior efficiency with better performance and lower consumption. Mini Motor will continue to build its future and the…
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