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Punched plates. These can be manufactured with different kinds of perforations, of which the main ones are round, square, rectangular, oblong, tapered and bridged. Standard size is 2000x1000 mm, however the machines used enable perforation of plates up to 6000x2000 mm. Thickness of the plates varies from 0,3 mm to 20 mm for plates in carbon steel and up to 15 mm for stainless steel plates. It is possible to obtain plates with perforated areas in special geometric shapes, for example trapezoidal or circular crowns. After perforating, the plates are straightened and may undergo degreasing treatment to eliminate residues of the lubricant used during the punching process. Plates with different levels of surface finishing can also be supplied, attainable through butter-finishing, sandblasting and electrolytic polishing. They can be produced in different materials, such as for example, carbon steel, stainless steels, Nickel-Chromium alloys, pure metals.
Drilled plates. Can be produced with three different kinds of perforations: cylindrical, step drilled and conical. The diameter of the perforations can vary from 1 to 6 mm. The maximum dimensions of the drilled plates are 6000x2000 mm, with a maximum thickness of 15 mm. After drilling, the plates are butter-finished and washed to guarantee perfectly clean perforations. They may undergo further surface finishing treatments, such as for example, sandblasting and electrolytic polishing. Different finishes or special coatings may be carried out following specific request by the client. The drilled plates can be produced in different materials such as: carbon steel, stainless steels, Titanium, Nickel-Chromium alloys, Copper and its alloys.
Milled plates. It is possible to produce plates with different milling profiles, in compliance with the client’s specific requests, by using the appropriate tools. The maximum sizes and thicknesses of milled plates depend on the type of milling required. After milling, the plates are butter-finished and washed to guarantee perfectly clean milled areas. They may undergo further surface finishing treatments, mainly sandblasting or electrolytic polishing. Different finishes or special coatings may be carried out following specific request by the client. The milled plates can be produced in different materials such as: carbon steel, stainless steels, Aluminium Alloys, Copper and its alloys.
VICO-Screen™: is made by winding a continuous V-sectioned extruded wire helicoidally onto support rods. At each intersection, the V-sectioned wire is welded to the support rod by an electric resistance welding process. The VICO-Screen™ has extremely precise continuous openings thanks to which a large open area is obtained. This, in turn, guarantees an extremely low pressure drop through the filtering surface. Thanks to this feature, the VICO-Screen™ is ideal as a support or container for catalysts or resins and as a filter for sand or particles, even of extremely small dimensions. The high number of welds also gives the screen an extremely high mechanical resistance and a very long lifespan. The continuous openings and triangular section of the wires ensure that there are only two particle contact points, thereby minimising the risk of clogging. Additionally, thanks to the particularly smooth surface of the VICO-Screen™, the abrasive effect due to contact between the product and the filtering surface is greatly reduce.


Main Production:Filtering elements and fabricated parts; conveyor belts; components for the oil, petrochemical and chemical industries
Applications:Bottling, packaging, food industry
Company establishment date:1921
Collective investment fund:€ 2,5 milions
Turnover:2013 - € 48 milions
Number of employees:222
Production surface:110,000 m2 ground, 35,000 m2 covered
Certifications:ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001
Registrations to category associations:Unione Industriali di Lecco
Export percentage:70% approx.
Subsidiaries in the world:Costacurta b.v., Santpoort Holland

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