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Via M. Buonarroti, 81 - 35010 San Giorgio in Bosco (PADOVA) - ITALY
email : @Contact

Tecnopool has designed a range of installations that are reliable, versatile, efficient, technologically advanced and totally automatic. These installations feature high productivity rates in handling, proofing cooling, deep-freezing, pasteurising, seasoning and warming all kinds of food products.
Tecnopool installations can also be integrated into existing plants, including those constructed by other manufacturers.
Thanks to their considerable versatility it is also possible to carry out modifications at a later date, to adapt the installations for newer production requirements, withou necessarily incurring heavy investiment costs.


Main Production:Installations for handling, proofing ,cooling, deep-freezing, pasteurising, seasoning and warming
Applications:Food processing
Company establishment date:1980
Fairs :Ipack_Ima
Geographic export areas:Worldwide

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Occasion used: Carbonated beverages complete plant (Super Thermax Boilers)
1/30/2015 8:49:07 AM
Occasion used: Carbonated beverages complete plant (Super Thermax Boilers)                                                                         Details of the plant machinery are as given below; Equipment…
Jeff Maree: How to Ensure Your Food Safety Audit Goes Well
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President Barack Obama scored what many consider to be a huge step toward assuring the quality of our nation’s food supply when he signed the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) into law. Initiated as a response to a slew of foodborne illnesses reported in the decade before, the legislation…
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1/28/2015 3:04:00 PM
The efficiency of a bottling and packaging plant whose daily output reaches millions of bottles depends also on end-of-line operations which need to be perfectly synchronized one another. Smipal, that is SMI division specialized in the production of automatic palletizing systems, offers reliable cutting-edge solutions like the APS P series, the evolution of the APS…
1/28/2015 9:22:16 AM
This year, P.E. LABELLERS shall, for the first time ever, participate in the ANUGA FOOD TEC 2015 trade fair, which will be held in Cologne from 24 to 27 March. The food industry is one of the three most important sectors for P.E. LABELLERS, which is provided with small labellers for the high-quality canning industry…
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