GAI, leader manufacturer in bottling machines field

GAI company, founded in 1946 by Giacomo GAI, is leader manufacturer in bottling machines field. Worth-known product is the “monobloc”, enabling the whole production process in just two machines, one for the phases from rinsing to capping, and the other one for the labelling.

The target sectors are the ones referred to wine, oil, distillates and, increasingly, BEER.

ln 2013 it was developed an electro-pneumatic valve that is revolutionizing once again the way of bottling. This patented valve (doc. n° TO2012A000869) can work both 1sparkling products and still ones up to 20.000 bottles/hour.

After 4 years since it appeared on the market, it’s well confirmed that results are really well-established .

This valve allows to work from zero to 8 bar of pressure with a level adjustment from 25 to 100mm from the top of the mouth. Filling level is highly precise and the oxidation degree is minimal.

All working parameters are set on the control board, consequently it is possible to easily move from one product to another one in a very short time.

The valve is easy and safe to sterilize thanks to the dummy bottle (patented) with automatic positioning.

The double line with low closure brings to great advantages both for the filling precision and for the degassing, as it totally avoids the perturbation due to the degassing of the product in the return gas line. The productivity gain on sparkling products is really relevant.

This year GAI will take advantage of the international showcase of 27th SIMEI taking place inside DRINKTEC in München, to present preview some really relevant innovations.

We will exhibit the first MLE-4441-CAN, to bottle in cans.

Therefore new horizons are opening for the company, whose production has turned up today just to the standard bottle filling.

Furthermore we will present the new defective bottle testing machine, aiming to reduce downtimes in production, because of breakages of faulty bottles; this product will surely meet the interest of the most forward-looking operators. GAI is proud to have been recognized of the “TECHNOLOGICAL INNOVATION AWARD” of Innovation Challenge “Lucio Mastroberardino” 2017.

Furthermore, they will be proposed some solutions for the cleaning (CIP), as well as they will be presented the last innovations developed in the last 2 years, during which GAI R&D has put into effect the great technological research in which it was economically and in passion invested.

In 2016 GAI activity reached the important 70 years anniversary, coinciding also with the extension of the plant in all production departments, offices, warehouses, up to duplicate the previous area.

A huge investment to plan the next years of business.

Export is nowadays the 80 % of the business turnover. Each year approximately 1.000 monoblocs are manufactured in mill and dispatched to all over the world.

Some words about two top relevant Countries for GAI sales: France and United States of America.

For historical reasons, for its tradition of prestigious wines, France has always been an indispensable trade area. For this reason, since 1984, GAI owns in France a commercial and technical structure to follow the demanding transalpine customers, GAI FRANCE.

From this year, also the United States are followed on-site, giving technical assistance and service through a home base, GAI AMERICA. It aims to support the American sales network from a technical and consulting point of view.

Milestones of GAI have been the same since its foundation: technical assistance and spare parts for machine lifetime, 90% of components manufactured in-house, 80% of energy needs arising from renewable sources; investment in skilled human resources. Dal 1946.

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