Alba block line: make the perfect Dough for your products

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ALBA & Teknoservice is glad to introduce one of the secrets to making perfect croissant and puff pastry: ALBA Block Line.

ALBA & Teknoservice has designed a compact dough billet production Line which is the ideal solution to make high quality dough.

The Block Line eliminates all inconsistency due to guess work and manual labour and frees your people for other important work.

If the quality and productivity of your croissant and puff pastry is important for the growth of your business, you will be amazed at what the Alba Block Line can do for you.

Quality means:
• perfect distribution of the fat
• constant percentage of the fat on the whole billet
• easy programming of the percentage of fat depending on the typologies of use
• easy and fast personalization of each product

The benefits are many:
• reduction of the costs of production
• increasing of the productivity
• elimination of all the manual processes where the human component influences largely the quality
• possibility of work with colder fat allowing an increasing in quality.

ALBA offers advanced technology through easy programming, individualizing every job. If you are looking for the competitive edge, ALBA’s Industry leading technology is there to assist you.

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