Condition monitoring for mobile equipment


Higher machine availability with mobile X90 control system

The modular X90 control and I/O system can now be equipped with condition monitoring functions. Problems can be detected in their early stages and corrected before they result in unplanned downtime. Condition-based predictive maintenance can maximize machine availability and save the considerable cost of outages and unplanned service calls.

Predictive maintenance

The X90 module allows operators to continuously monitor the status of mobile equipment. The results help determine exactly which components require maintenance and when. Typical applications include continuous monitoring of rotating machine components such as hydraulic assemblies, belts, gears and motors. The processed sensor data is also available for further use in the application.

The optional condition monitoring circuit board provides early warning of impending failures on mobile equipment.

Specially designed for harsh environments

All products in the X90 mobile family are designed for use in harsh industrial environments. They can handle operating temperatures from -40 to +85°C and are resistant to vibration, shock, salt, UV light and oil.

Certified for mobile equipment and outdoor applications

Adherence to specific industry standards for agriculture, forestry, construction and municipal vehicles ensures users maximum flexibility in the use of B&R’s mobile automation products. X90 mobile CPU products also carry numerous certifications.


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