VLS TECHNOLOGIES, An Innovative Approach To Liquid Treatment

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VLS Technologies represents worldwide a single reference point for the client for both the aspect of filtration and more complex needs that involve the whole process of liquid treatment: that is made possible by the production plant in San Zenone degli Ezzelini in the Province of Treviso, northeast Italy, as well as by an established worldwide network of agents, authorized reselling and assistance. In addition to traditional applications, the focus of VLS Technologies is also the development of innovative solutions such as crossflow filtration systems and reverse osmosis.


VLS technologies for soft drinks, juices and sugar solutions.
Thanks to its great experience, VLS Technologies can offer the consultancy and the design of technologies for the filtration and treatment of food liquids also for the sector of fruit-based drinks, soft drinks and sugar solutions.
In these areas, the most innovative technologies by VLS are designed to meet the particular production needs. Among the different solutions suitable for the treatment of soft drinks and juices we can fin TLS cross-flow filler, SFT sheet filler and reverse osmosis plant, while for sugar solutions the best technologies are FRS rotary drum vacuum filler, FVV D.E. vertical filler and FOC D.E. horizontal filler.

Two rotary vacuum filters for the Indian market of fruit juices
For the sector of fruit-based drinks, VLS Technologies has signed a partnership with one of the main Indian producers of fruit juices, that has purchased two rotary vacuum fillers with a surface of 25 sq.m to filler apple juice. The global market for juice is expanding and VLS solutions, like FRS fillers, support a fast-growing sector, since fruit and vegetable juices have been gaining more popularity as health and dietary concerns are also growing. FRS fillers have been designed for the filtration of products with high content in solids through the usage of fillering adjuvant substances as kieselguhr.


Customized FRS filters for sugar syrup: a special solution for Coca Cola
Coca Cola Thailand, partner company of the international manufacturer of drinks for the Thai market, deals with the production, bottling and distribution of drinks, following the entire production process. For the innovative plant, VLS Technologies has recently supplied two special 25 sq.m FRS rotary drum vacuum fillers, used by Coca Cola Thailand to filler the sugar syrup, which is then used to process sugary-based drinks. The particular fillers have been designed for the specific needs of the customer and made specifically for use in high temperature filtration processes. VLS Technologies is always focusing on the customer’s needs and,
through a process of analysis of the production characteristics and identification of the best possible solutions, designs and manufactures tailored technologies, ensuring the best performance.


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