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For over 25 years, IFP Packaging has been a major player, setting standards in the field of shrink film packaging technology.

At the end of 2011, it joined the group Tecno Pack S.p.A., thus beginning a new journey of even greater technological, commercial and industrial development.
Electronic, continuous wrapping machines implemented on fully cantilevered frames, high performance levels, great operational reliability, easy sanitisation, versatility of use, and project customisation are just some of the key features of the products offered by IFP Packaging.
Automatic loading systems, bundling machines in all s, and complete end-of-line packaging systems are all entirely customised by our resourceful and flexible technical department.
Adapting cutting-edge technology to the specific needs of users is the primary goal of IFP Packaging. Simultaneously, the company has also been marketing sturdy and versatile wrapping machines, all mass-produced, with a particularly interesting price/quality ratio.
IFP Packaging offers any type of format as a tailor-made solution: the many solutions available range from controlled atmosphere to high speed and very high levels of automation, always ensuring the maximum result achievable.

Packing, storing and protecting all food products, wrapping technical items (including large-d ones such as mattresses or radiators), creating and containing groups of bottles or small jars, coating boxes with a shiny and invisible film, and making sure that each pack contains the right number, weight and quantity of items: there are no limits to the scope of application of IFP Packaging machines.

Today, IFP is a leading company in this sector, offering all its customers a convenient partnership that is also crucial for their success.
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