Via Consiglio dei Sessanta, 153 - 47891 Dogana (REPUBBLICA SAN MARINO)

Canalfil is a leading manufacturer of stainless steel conduits ITES is a leading company in Italy in the production and sale of cable systems and metal suspension.

Due to its wide range of products, is able to meet all the demands of the world of plumbing and major users.

ITES has always wanted to offer the widest range of products to satisfy the whole market and in particular the range of customers that, while attentive to the needs of economic order, aimed at cutting-edge solutions in the field of aesthetics, technique and safety.

With the knowledge of operating in an increasingly knowledgeable and demanding, we aim to provide our customers with the valuable service of more rapid and effective response to all your questions.

The six series, which is split in today’s production are enhanced by a full range of accessories suitable to solve all the problems of installation. Our standard production and the search continues for a gradual improvement and expansion of these series, induce users to bind us with security and confidence for the future / Technology - Technology Web Directory