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Fanuc is one of the world's leading automation companies in the field of innovation, continuously expanding the boundaries of automation to increase productivity and reduce costs in a wide range of industries. With 99.9% reliability, a customer-focused approach, high quality service and an infinite number of robotic solutions, CNC systems, and specially engineered wire spraying machines, 100% electrical molding press Injection, milling and punching, helps you make the most of your automation systems such as spindle motors.

Fanuc produces a wide range of spindle motors.

The power and torque of these compact spindle motors make them ideal for small to medium machines, such as compact lathes. Spindle motors offer excellent performance-cost ratio along with good energy efficiency and reduced heat generation. They are equipped with standard IP40 protection and IP54 degree gaskets.

Spindle motors offer high acceleration with excellent mechanical precision and low vibration and are perfectly matched to high performance spindles and larger machines. The outputs range from 0.55 to 50 kW and offer high torque at low speeds. Six spindle motors are also available with special versions with hollow shaft for passing liquid refrigerant or liquid cooled engines. They are equipped with standard IP40 protection and IP54 degree seal.

These spindle motors offer an ideal solution for high precision rotary tables, towers and rotary axes on 5-axis machines, this series offers a high torque and is equipped with powerful neodymium magnets. The models of the series are equipped with maximum pairs of 35 to 10,000 Nm, continuous pairs of 15-4,500 Nm and speeds up to 2,000 rpm. Engine design ensures high motor linearity and direct transmission is maintenance free.

This range of integrated compact spindle motors offers the torque required to remove durable materials such as titanium and expedite demanding cutting processes. These motors are particularly suitable for lathes and gear cutting machines and offer high torque at low speed thanks to powerful neodymium magnets. The models deliver 11-36 kW and are characterized by low ripple thanks to the design of the magnetic circuits. / Technology - Technology Web Directory