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Accessories for the food industry presses

They are the heart of a pressing process

Engineering hydraulic presses and accessories for the food industry make this series of hydraulic groups a cornerstone of research on reliability, flexibility, power, and energy saving with units able to adapt to any type of cocoa liquor to obtain the highest yield of cycle pressing. The highest amount of the pressed product in the shortest time. This result is obtained by associating perfectly the software of the PLC to the management software of the hydraulic unit and to the components used in the circuit pressure. The success comes from the fact that these groups regulate themselves thanks to the software maintaining a optimal curve of pressure also to vary the characteristics of the liquor to be pressed. The mechanical / hydraulic, and the choice of components, associated with an advanced software management, have enabled the development of hydraulic units unique keeping the same characteristics in the various configurations of magnitude.

- Easy setting of the pressure curve to adapt to the product so as to make more efficient the pressing cycle, - ability to maintain constant pressure curves with the same limitations as the residue of fat in cakes; - efficient management of energy consumption.

These hydraulic units fitted as standard on our lines are adaptable to any pressing line by offering a significant increase in production to a measurable 30% from the original groups with the following advantages:

- Flexibility to adapt to different types of liquor to be pressed; - curves pressing stable whose setting is immediate and simple; - efficient management system, interfaced with any type of installation; - low maintenance.
Machines accessories for the food industry presses

It designed to get as quickly as possible preparation and optimum conditioning of the cocoa mass for pressatura.Dotato a unique system that combines four wave breaker with special profile to a cone breaker flow and an electro-sink blade marine and bent axis ensuring a perfect homogenization of the product by reducing by 35% the time needed. Prerequisite to new production requirements. Built in stainless steel, it is mounted on load cells equipped with special accessory for a quick replacement, easy control / calibration of load cells and for maintenance. The cells are positioned radially at 120 ° to a height the center of gravity of the tank to avoid vibrations on the cells and obtain precise values ​​of weighing. The steam inlet, at the top, for easy connection with implants. The attacks flange. A 'electro-valve controlled by a temperature probe and from the control panel controls the heating of the cocoa liquor to the desired temperature and in a manner precisa.L'omogeneizzatore is full of sensor level, drain valve, manifold in double wall and special tubes flexible connection to the system. All connections are on the machine and connected in the junction box.

Machines accessories for the food industry presses

The grinder has the aim to break the cakes of cocoa desired dimensions and uniform to be transported pneumatically, or with other systems, to the silos. The grinders are designed for continuous work without jamming. The main shaft where the hammers are mounted is coupled to a motor reducer that transmits the motion by means of a clutch unit. The rotation of the grinders is controlled by a sensor that, in case of accident (falling steel pieces in hammers), sends an alarm signal and stops the power supply to the motor.

Structure, tree, hammers, bearing housings and motors are widely overd, offer high reliability and no maintenance.

The grinder is complete with feed hopper for cakes in two different

• Hopper independent transporter. In this case the grinder is supported by appropriate supports.

• Hopper carrier coupled to the conveyor TS series will push to create a single form.

A disconnecting electric, connected to the motor and a sensor on the inspection door guarantees absolute safety of the block of the millstones in case of necessary inspection.

The grinders are configured as standard "S", where the group hammers and their configuration combined with various types of grids allow for setting the desired .

On request, in the version "R" the grid is formed by independent modules to obtain a variable pitch and allows to vary the number of hammers used. The positioning of the axis of the grinding in this configuration is concentric with the axis of rotation of the grinders.

E 'provided a flange connection for connecting to dust suction systems.

Machines accessories for the food industry presses

Pumps are designed for use in the lines of pressing cocoa, made in special, with parts in contact with the product treated and hardened for long life of special seals. Require low maintenance. Version dedicated to the load of the press has a range suitable for fast charging. This pump is coupled with a control group of the speed commanded by the general framework that manages the flow rate to optimize the load. This is performed in the shortest time without transferring pressure peaks on the rings of felt .of same series belong all pumps to transfer butter, load homogenizer and more.

In addition to the accessories described, GSR has many other accessories for presses, food industry, including:

• Balance

• Control panels

• Structures

• Presse assembly tele PMT

• Protections
• Pre-mixing tank / Technology - Technology Web Directory