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Fanuc is one of the world's leading automation companies in the field of innovation, continuously expanding the boundaries of automation to increase productivity and reduce costs in a wide range of industries. With 99.9% reliability, a customer-focused approach, high quality service and an infinite number of robotic solutions, CNC systems such as Power Motion and machines specially designed for wire electro-erosion, 100% electric press for injection molding, milling and drilling, helps you make the most of the automation systems you have.

Power Motion i-A is a multi-purpose and extremely responsive CNC system for efficient motion control. Supporting up to 32 axes and 4 trajectories, it is ideally suited to a wide range of industrial applications (presses, molding machines, loaders, wire saws and winding and filling machines) for different activities, from positioning to ' Multi-path axis interpolation. The perfect alternative to a PLC system, as well as offering all the functionality of a CNC system, is characterized by greater versatility in the face of a smaller investment. The operation of the Power Motion i-A system is also very simple: any operator who can use a CNC system can program it.

The Power Motion i-A has been designed for a wide range of complex, high-performance, general-purpose control modes, involving multiple axes, trajectories, speeds, and torque controls. Particularly suitable for presses, loaders, molding machines, wire sawing machines, winding and filling machines and much more, it is also a remarkably convenient solution for picking and positioning applications. Often faster and more versatile than conventional solutions, only one command in the model is enough to handle loading and unloading processes on a whole production line using a binary and some robots.

Even in the most hostile operating environments, the Power Motion i-A's robust hardware structure ensures perfect operation and performance beyond control, servo and PMC. In the unlikely event of a disadvantage, a wide range of diagnostic functions will also ensure quick and easy resolution of problems. The Power Motion LSI (Large Scale Integration) system also significantly reduces the number of spare parts thanks to the entire CNC system protected by error correction code and modular components that allow you to replace parts quickly is simple.

Power Motion i-A allows you to minimize cycle times, thanks to a quick start and stop of axes, a high-speed PMC / PLC ladder execution and significant reactivity to external signals. These features make it the ideal solution to ensure the precision and speed required by machines used in packaging, wrapping, marking, stamping and cutting operations.

Power Motion is available either on LCD or as a stand-alone CNC system. The LCD screen mount is simple to integrate and is characterized by a compact design and minimal footprint. In the stand-alone version, up to 8 independent Power Motion i controls can be interfaced with a single screen via Ethernet. The display function via Ethernet also allows you to display screens on a PC.

FANUC Power Motion is the ideal alternative for large servomotors, for example presses. Replacing hydraulic mechanisms with a servomotor is quick and easy. This results in lower power consumption as well as greater control and precision than hydraulic technology. Thanks to the high speed of the execution cycle and the response function that allows a quick start and stop of the axes, the cycle times are also lower. In addition, the tension of the material, for example in the die cushion, is reduced. Integrated security features are available to meet specific European and industry standards.

Thanks to the precision of the control required to maintain constant voltage, the FANUC Power Motion torque control is perfectly suited for applications such as winding. In applications of this type, both feed and winding axes can be independently controlled to maintain constant voltage. / Technology - Technology Web Directory