Via S.Polo n.183 - 25134 Brescia (BS) (ITALIA)
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Dinema is an innovative company that has been manufacturing cutting-edge electronic and technological products and services for over 40 years in numerous application fields for the Lighting, Textile and Electronics sectors.
Main activities of Dinema concern:

-Progettazione and production of schede electronic, of equipments and of complete systems;

-Planing and production of systems and equipment for the textile industry;

-Planing and manufacturing solutions for LED lighting.
Dinema is able not only to design and produce, but also to intervene in several phases including:

-Realization and industrialization of products entirely designed by the customer;
-Management of the logistics chain;
-Assemblaggio schede and equipments;
-Collaudo with both parametric and functional techniques;
-Support technical support, on-site repairs and on-field interventions.

Dinema has always been distinguished by the completeness of its proposals and in-depth and specialized consulting, and has been operating successfully all over the world thanks to a commercial network and a production and service chain in many countries.

Customer and business activity is of no relevance: Our company has worked over the years to optimize its processes to achieve maximum efficiency, regardless of the complexity and volume of the products to be manufactured. Dinema is therefore able to address all the realities that need advanced solutions from an electronic and technological point of view.
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