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Grazer Straße 23 - A-9400 Wolfsberg (AUSTRIA)
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Industrial control
For the part concerning industrial control and system control technology offered, the Kohlbach they only use electrical and electronic components supplier choice and high quality.

The user-friendly PLC industrial control systems and high-quality offer a variety of settings for a personalized and efficient operation of the plant.
High quality Kohlbach industrial control through

-control reliable and powerful Siemens S7
-free secure and simple remote with the new concept of remote maintenance
-nuovissima BUS technology for shorter wiring
-complete transparency through historical records, of actions and alerts
-analysis of fast and simple system
-Easy to use thanks to the high level of automation and interactive help for setup and optimization works
cost-effective -ampliamenti

The electric version of the system of industrial control, the Directive 2006/95 / EC and is certified.
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