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In October 2006, the company PFmeccanica was created within the PFM GROUP to form a new production centre for mechanical components to be used in conjunction with other highly specialised suppliers, which already form the Group's manufacturing structure. PFMeccanica is a response to the strong demand of all the companies in the Group to personally guarantee absolute quality of the mechanical units making up their machines. Pfmeccanica is equipped with the best digitally-controlled tooling machines available on the market. A sophisticated quality control system ensures that each individual component is mechanically processed to perfection and complies with all requirements. On-going interaction between the mechanical production centre and the Group's technical design offices has brought excellent results. The sense of belonging to the same industrial identity and the experience of being part of a highly-specialised professional team make synergistic relations intensely gratifying. With the results that we can achieve an excellent quality of mechanical workmanship which guarantees total quality for the range of products available to our customers. Therefore PFmeccanica will be throwing open their doors to discerning customers who want to know how the key components in their machines are manufactured. The PFM Group is once again investing in quality, not through decentralisation, but by identifying the best resources right here in the area where it all began. / Technology - Technology Web Directory