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Telmotor S.p.A. began its work as a company specialising in distributing products for industrial automation how the automation components food industry, so much so that its name is the combination of two products, 'Teleruttori' (remote control switches) and 'Motori' (motors). The high technological profile immediately became the distinguishing feature of the distributive philosophy, characterised by the professionalism of specialist technicians and attention to developments in electrical technology. Progressively, the offer was extended to the fields of energydistribution, lighting, building and home technology and, last but not least, renewable energy. Expertise in these areas has always relied  on brands of primary importance and on a growing number of specialist technicians, now representing a third of staff. This professionalism allows us to offer and manage integrated solutions in the industry, infrastructure and services sectors. The technical structure, specialised in terms of sectors and departments, is present in each of the following offices: Bergamo, Brescia, Cernusco S/N, Lecco, Saronno and available in the Rome offices.

Telmotor produce automation components food industry.

In all industrial sectors, it is essential to reduce process times and costs, improving production performance. In response to these requirements, the professionalism of Telmotor technicians makes it possible to identify the best solution in any industrial environment. Ongoing updating as regards technical developments and the partnership with Siemens translate into systems.

Telmotor possesses a wide range of automation components food industry
The wide range of automation components food industrywe can find

The drive systems are a key component of production facilities in all sectors. Telmotor provides its customers with a group of technicians specialised in selecting the equipment best suited to each individual application. The selection criteria can be summarised as flexibility and modularity, qualities that are particularly marked in Sinamics products and an integral part of Totally Integrated Automation, the Siemens design and commissioning platform.

Highly dynamic permanent magnet synchronous and asynchronous motors, equipped with sophisticated transducers for speed and position control.
They can be integrated seamlessly into the control and drive systems offered by Telmotor and based on Siemens technology. The construction characteristics focus on energy savings.


Simotion, a technology based on the fusion of motion control, the PLC and the technological functions necessary to correlate axis synchronisms, electronic exchanges, interpolations and the most varied forms of kinematics. The aim is to minimise mechanical interventions to reduce and transpose motion, driving the motors directly on the automation system loads. All this integrates seamlessly into the TIA, with control over every component of the process automation.

On Board the Machine
For Telmotor, safety is not just a concept. When it comes to the safety of the people working on the machine, the highest levels of skill in offering safety solutions that integrat seamlessly at all levels and ensure the greatest possible reliability are required. The same care and technical skill is used to offer solutions for machine and plant sensors, which enable measurement, counting, surveillance and the identification and analysis of objects to be carried out efficiently and safely.

In addition to consulting throughout all decision-making stages, Telmotor also offers support during manufacturing, after-sales assistance and service. The flexibility of the structure and the range in stock ensure fast interventions in urgent cases.

Within the electrical technology field, Telmotor aims to provide a comprehensive, integrated and technologically-advanced offer, with a level of technical professionalism that anticipates market demand, a logistics organisation that meets the needs of the customer and a commercial dimension that guarantees economic conditions that are always competitive. / Technology - Technology Web Directory