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Via Stazione, 760 - 37040 Zimella (VERONA) (ITALY)
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Gruppo Bertolaso, leading manufacturer of bottling plants, was founded in 1880 in Zimella (VR) by Eng. Bortolo Bertolaso, a cultured and very energetic man who was a large supporter of developments and inventions in the agricultural and wine-making field.
The Bertolaso bottling plants are composed by machines produced on the basis of the latest bottling technologies that catch the user’s interest with their characteristics of production flexibility and quality of the bottling process.
The concept of modern  bottling plant refers to a group of machines designed to transfer the product automatically and without alterations from the storage tank to the bottle and to prepare and close the bottle so that it is ready to be put on the market.  
The bottling plants proposed by Bertolaso are designed and constructed to suit the needs of customers who are extremely active on the market.
This challenge can be met only by ensuring high quality bottling process, reliable sturdy  machines, flexible management of a variety of products and temperature, fast response to the customers’ demands.  Additionally, the hundred years of experience on the market  enables Bertolaso to become a true partner of the customer in suggesting and providing the instruments that best fit the niche in the market the customer is looking for.
The innovative features that have made the success of the Bertolaso bottling plants are the structure completely constructed in stainless steel,  the electro-pneumatic control of all the machines, the whole automation of the line and the special bottle management, which allows a very fast and flexible format changeover phase and is particularly suitable for all those customers who wish to maximize the production throughput on the line, without stops. / Technology - Technology Web Directory