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STORAGE TANKS industries Fracchiolla

The Fracchiolla Industries, specializing in STORAGE TANKS, has machines and plants of great success born from the thirty years of a staff of skilled professionals engaged in continuous research of new technologies.
TANKS WINE and storage are high quality products for the fermentation of grape must and wine stabilization. STORAGE TANKS food processing, chemical, pharmaceutical and oil are able to combine the best robustness, functionality and design, ensuring the complete satisfaction of the most demanding customers.
The modern techniques, attention to detail and reliability of the products offered are some of the factors that are known for STORAGE TANKS Industries Fracchiolla worldwide, as the exports are in: Italy, France, Germany, Spain, Switzerland, Greece, Tunisia, Russia and the United States of America.



The company was founded on the initiative of three brothers, Rocco, Franco and Constantine Fracchiolla, specializing in the creation of works of installation and maintenance of plumbing and heating in the 70s. At the same time, it was decided to start the production of galvanized steel TANK for drinking water, taking advantage of the experience gained in the plant. However, the constant trips to the nearest galvanizing plants made ​​it very profitable and very complex production of these reservoirs. For this reason the brothers decided to use the stainless steel as raw material for the construction of storage tanks to be allocated to the containment of liquid food.


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This choice proved successful and in a short time, the company began to market its STORAGE TANKS both on the national and international level.
Fracchiolla In 1997 the company was split into two separate companies: one plant (Plant Fracchiolla Brothers Ltd.) and industrial (Fracchiolla Industries Ltd.).
There are many collaborations with universities and research centers that enrich more and more corporate employees at all levels.
We give the best to our customers spread all over the world. Our goals are: competitive prices, product quality, on-time delivery, after sales warranty with 24-hour assistance on 24.
The Bogaris, ISO 9001, is a leading company in Italy and established itself in the international field, specializing in the design and implementation of:
- Wine Cellars turnkey;
- Winemakers stainless steel automatic refrigerated;
- Horizontal rotary fermenters and submerged cap;
- Pneumatic presses soft;
- Storage tanks stainless steel food for containing wine, mineral water, juices, oil, beer, milk, which is heated chilled of any capacity;
- Storage tanks stainless steel custom-made and custom design for chemical-pharmaceutical companies and complete plants for the wine industry and oil for electricity production, storage palm oil, sunflower biodiesel.
The FRACCHIOLLA INDUSTRIES Srl is validly organized and can count on:
- A work force of 100 employees;
- An industrial plant of 20,000 square meters;
- Fleet consists of 40 vehicles and 4 cranes;
- Vast array of technologically advanced machinery.
Today, the three brothers who run the company are supported by their children, highly motivated to continue and grow the family business. / Technology - Technology Web Directory