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Gruppo Bertolaso S.p.A. - NO-OXYGEN FILLING PLANTS

Via Stazione, 760 - 37040 Zimella (VERONA) (ITALY)
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Gruppo Bertolaso, leading manufacturer of no-oxygen filling plants, was founded in 1880 in Zimella (VR) by Eng. Bortolo Bertolaso, a cultured and very energetic man who was a large supporter of developments and inventions in the agricultural and wine-making field.
The features peculiar to the no-oxygen filling plants are focused on the new concept of “no-oxygen” filler, with a filling valve built with the best technologies available on the market. By the experience gained by Bertolaso through the course of his history long more than a century, it is possible to fill sparkling wine, light sparkling wines and still wines.
The market demand today is to assure:
- the maximum stability of the finished product, avoiding first of all the risk of oxidation,
- of microbiological contamination
- of any other type of pollution.
Oxidation is of great importance in the food products packaging industry; in fact, it may cause  a deterioration of the organoleptic properties and a reduction of the  shelf lifetime. Moreover,  the protection of the finished products from the oxidation in the no-oxygen filling plants, improve their quality and their shelf life and reduce at the same time the required amount of antioxidants.  This is particularly important for delicate fine wines, whose peculiar characteristics are the result of a delicate equilibrium that may easily altered by the industrial packaging process.  
This has led Gruppo Bertolaso to develop a new line of  no-oxygen filling plants able to perform the entire bottling cycle – from the wine treatment to the bottle rinsing, product filling, bottle closing  –  keeping the filled product separate from the ambient air (“no-oxygen”) and protecting it from any type of contamination. / Technology - Technology Web Directory