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Via Stazione, 760 - 37040 Zimella (VERONA) (ITALY)
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Gruppo Bertolaso, leading manufacturer of rinsing machines, was founded in 1880 in Zimella (VR) by Eng. Bortolo Bertolaso, a cultured and very energetic man who was a large supporter of developments and inventions in the agricultural and wine-making field.
The Bertolaso rinsing plants are composed by rinsing machines produced on the basis of the latest technologies that catch the user’s interest with their characteristics of production flexibility and quality of the process.
In principle, the rinsing machines are divided into two types: rinsing machines with fixed nozzles and rinsing machines with nozzles penetrating inside the bottle neck.
In the first case, the rinsing operation is performed with a single treatment with liquid or gas. In the second case, the rinsing operation is performed with two or three treatments with liquid and gas.  
The range of  rinsing plants includes rotary rinsing machines with outputs from 2.000 to 60.000 bph
Some customers choose rinsing machines with three treatments: the first treatment consists in the injection  of the sanitizing solution, the second treatment in the rinsing with filtered water and the third treatment in the blowing with filtered air without oil or with inert gas. / Technology - Technology Web Directory