Gruppo Bertolaso S.p.A.


Via Stazione, 760 - 37040 Zimella (VERONA) (ITALY)
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Gruppo Bertolaso, leading manufacturer of counterpressure filling plants, was founded in 1880 in Zimella (VR) by Eng. Bortolo Bertolaso, a cultured and very energetic man who was a large supporter of developments and inventions in the agricultural and wine-making field.
The Bertolaso counterpressure filling plants are composed by machines produced on the basis of the latest bottling technologies that catch the user’s interest with their characteristics of production flexibility and quality of the process.
The features peculiar to the counterpressure filling plants are focused on the new concept of counterpressure filler, with a filling valve built with the best technologies available on the market. By the experience gained by Bertolaso through the course of his history long more than a century, it is possible to fill sparkling wine, light sparkling wines and still wines.
With the Bertolaso counterpressure filling plants, sparkling wines and light sparkling wines can be filled with filling cycles which are ideal to reduce the dead times due to the possibility of snifting in more phases.
Still  wines can be filled with an overpressure  to improve the filling process quality and to reduce  the energy consumption of the plant.  
Moreover, the counterpressure filling plants are proposed to ensure a zero increase of oxygen in the wine.
The innovative features that have made the success of the Bertolaso counterpressure filling plants are the structure completely constructed in stainless steel,  the electro-pneumatic control of all the machines (rinsing, filling and closing machines, the whole automation of the line and the special bottle management, which allows a very fast and flexible format changeover phase and is particularly suitable for all those customers who wish to maximize the production throughput on the line, without stops. / Technology - Technology Web Directory