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Velo Acciai has over 20 years experience in the stainless steel industry. It was born from the entrepreneurial spirit of its founder Mr Giovanni Velo, with the aim to design, test and propose new products for the winemaking and agro-food sectors in general.

Velo Acciai engineers and builds precise, optimal solutions to meet the practical needs of its clients’ productive systems. This surely contributes to the success of the company’s products and to best satisfying market requirements

Velo Acciai produced a wide range of tank washing system

The tank washing system is the solution is made to wash both large and small tanks, from top and the bottom just by using the draw-pressure. It washes by using water pressure, which is aimed through a turning head fitted with several nozzles that reach every point of the tank. The washing water can be mixed with traditional de-incrustation additives.

All our production is entirely made of AISI 304 and AISI 316 stainless steel and comes from plate or hot forged materials.

Velo Acciai always guarantees the quality of its production and buys quality-certifi ed, carefully selected materials while performing full, effective testing during the production phase. The company is totally committed to bringing ever new technologies to the market, by investing in resources and energy for new product research and development.

All the built components are entirely made using 3D CAD applications, and are tested at internal and external labs in order to comply with CE Standards and current legislation.

Technical Features
The tank washing system  made entirely of stainless steel. It is used with 400 Hl/hour-rated pumps that have 6 bars of minimum pressure. It replaces the traditional washing sphere and can be used on all types of tank. The water jet it generates is designed to reduce waste and man hours needed to complete the job.

The tank washing system:
-Can be a standard issue on all type of tank.
-Carries out automatic washing doing away with manually fi tting and removing the spray head.
-Does not nebulise water, but rather injects streams of it thus resulting in a precise, mechanical, uniform and effi cient action for even the toughest washings.

Over the years the company made a name for itself thanks to its growth as a company and in the market. Both the company and its sales distribution network have seen considerable growth.

Attention to product quality has always remained a constant at Velo Acciai, and despite the large scale production methods, its products have always stood out for the customised work made to meet specifi c client requirements using state of the art technologies and methods. / Technology - Technology Web Directory