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Hd barcode

AMD ELECTRONIC presents the new and unique HD Barcode™. It can be ink jetted or laser printed in the same manner as DataMatrix or other barcodes. Serial numbers can be embedded within the HD Barcode™ to match the DataMatrix tracking codes or other codes that are printed within product packaging. Traditional 2D barcodes, such as DataMatrix and QR codes, are limited in data capacity and require an Internet connection or time-consuming database look-ups.
HD Barcode™ has none of these shortcomings; a single code can hold 175 times more data than traditional 2D barcodes allowing for comprehensive product information in the form of text, images, HTML and Zip files.


The HD Barcode™ is unique to manufacturers and can be custom configured to allow only authorized personnel the ability to scan. Embed full color product images within the code. Authentic code will reveal original product image and can include additional information on covert codes and unique product identifiers located within product packaging.  Include name of manufacturer, location of manufacturing plant, product line information, carton or label identifiers, revisions numbers and distribution regions.

HD Barcode™ can also embed or link to a proprietary application on the Smartphone allowing display of full color product images that can only be shown when the code is read.

Ensure accuracy and compliances of all your Packaging components.

Furthermore, AMD ELECTRONIC does supply electronic proofreading systems for automatic control of text documents and images in order to create and revise labels and packaging materials in compliance with the EU Regulation 1169/2011 ensuring the absence of embarrassing errors.

The information that the consumer reads on the packaging, has to come from a strong and validated process to ensure its compliance.

Our systems can be used for instruction leaflets, labels, cartons, aluminums and flexible packaging material. / Technology - Technology Web Directory