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NUTRITION FOR BOTTLING Thanks to the experience accumulated in over 30 years, Claind is also a partner of wine growers by offering plant-specific solutions for the small- or large- basin of AZOTO FOR BOTTLING. TIVANO base was developed to support the daily activity of a small retail of bulky wines. Small TIVANO is a compact and complete CLUTCH OILY BUILDER of Oil Free compressor that can be hung on the wall in pub and restaurant wineries and, coupled with a small storage tank, constantly keeps the wine spill line under pressure The need for replacing cylinders. The AZOTO BOTTLING system is also compatible with an integrated mixer in the appliance that allows different mixtures of CO2 and AZOTO for BOTTLING when required by different drinks (beers). FLO, PICO and MAXI FLOATING NITROGEN Nozzles are normally applied at all stages of wine processing. Regarding red wines: homogenization, transfer by pressurization from one tank to another, replacement of the must with nitrogen during fermentation, storage and bottling. In white wines, instead, the AZOTO FOR BOTTLING machines are used for the following phases: pressing, filtration, inertia of tanks or drums, clarification, filling of drums and bottling. Safety, ease-of-use, low operating costs are among the benefits most appreciated by customers who have long been supplied with Claind equipment, and the high efficiency of the molecular sieve system used by these generators greatly limits the cost of ' Nitrogen than alternative sources of supply such as cylinders or liquid nitrogen. The maintenance? Really easy, executable by the operator only once a year and at really irrelevant prices. Claind is an Italian company among the largest producers of gas generators in the world, has developed several solutions for the production of nitrogen for use in the food field with active patents and collaborations with Italian and foreign research centers. / Technology - Technology Web Directory