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Pretreatment plants food industry

Idroinox Impianti Srl been working in the food industry since 1984, helping to build the most important pretreatment plants for food industry, both as partners and engineering contracting companies or as a direct provider of turnkey solution.

More important collaborations with leading Italian and foreign companies in the field of plant pretreatment food industry and beverage eventually led and promoted the development of a wide range of products.

Idroinox Impianti Srl is responsible for the last 30 years with the design, manufacture and installation of pretreatment plants food industry, pharmaceutical, cosmetics and electronic processing industry, its activities directly with end customers or in partnership with engineering and contracting companies in Italy and abroad.


The main activities are Idroinox:

• Provide turnkey solutions for food and pharmaceutical preparation including commissioning;

• Provide turnkey PW, WFI and PS distribution channels, including the mass;

• Provide preparation vessels and storage tanks;

• Provide tube heat ex-changers;

• Provision of comprehensive facilities for the production of ozone, reverse osmosis and clean steam generators;

• Provide CIP and SIP;

• Provide pretreatment plants food industry for water with filtration and removal of iron and manganese, for the production of clean water and ultra clean according to USP;

• Provide detailed engineering: P & ID, pipe sizing dedicated to the transport process and fluids Useful links with creation of 3D drawings and the layout of the facility;
• To arrange all the necessary documents for the FAT, SAT and its protocols pro along with all the necessary documentation for commissioning and after the system validation FDA;

• To ensure and certify the non-destructive testing on raw materials and on every part of the plant, including: endoscopes for holes, SMEs (analyzer alloys), tests of iron content, Eddy current test, etc ...), performed by technicians specialized tools and cutting edge of art;

• Perform cleaning, passivation and Derouging of obsolete equipment in accordance with the latest standards.

Idroinox Impianti Srl has always focused on quality as the main feature of its pretreatment plants for the food industry and has obtained the following certifications ISO:

-ISO 9002
-ISO 9001: 2000
-ISO 9001: 2008

For the design, production, installation and sale of stainless steel systems and equipment for the food and pharmaceutical industry.

Idroinox is also certified PED Module H and H1, for the design, manufacture, final inspection and testing of tanks, vessels, heat exchangers and other groups. / Technology - Technology Web Directory