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Cleaning heads filling food industry

Officina Meccanica Bolondi is the market leader in cleaning heads filling food industry (cleaning heads rotating) for tanks, tanks and equipment in the food industry; to experience now established in the construction of these devices for all applications of customers.

The cleaning heads filling food industry Bolondi come in different series that cover the required characteristics for all applications. The heads cleaning filling for food industry can be simply rotating around the vertical axis or combine with this rotation of the main body a second rotation or oscillation of the nozzle holder around a horizontal axis.

The washing liquid under pressure (water, water and detergent, solvents, etc., Selected by the customer) directly drives the rotation of the heads cleaning filling machines for food industry and is sprayed through the nozzles.

Thanks to a process of optimization of production born from a careful and meticulous feedback with their largest customers, a large number of technological innovations in the production of cleaning heads filling food industry.


A full range of cleaning heads filling food industry for low and high pressure able to meet the demand for all companies that need a product ideal for sanitizing and cleaning, from the small container up to the great room.

Special care was also the aspect of integration with machines and industrial plants especially in the food industry, with the use of cleaning heads filling food industry compatible with the most varied products.

It can not be left out of the peculiar finish every single aspect, which caraterizza heads cleaning food industry by filling a real inovative design, are real jewels, technologically advanced in all of the individual components.

Using cleaning heads filling food industry: mixers, blenders, kettles, IBC in plastic and stainless drums of different s, fillers, silos, hoppers, conveyor belts, etc; special applications on demand.

Use sectors printhead cleaning filling food industry: dairy, pasta, cannery, slaughter, oil, fruit and vegetables, fish, poultry .: dairy, pasta, cannery, slaughter, oil, fruit and vegetables, fish, poultry. / Technology - Technology Web Directory