Via Valcunsat, 9 - 33072 Casarsa della delizia (PORDENONE) (ITALY)
Colussi Ermes is market leader for the production of washing machines for the food industry.
Since the early '70, the Company has specialized in the wash technologies for the meat, poultry, dairy, confectionery and pharmaceutical fields.
Thanks to an ongoing research, all COLUSSI washing machines can satisfy a variety of demands and the specific needs of our customers and ensure high performance as well as excellent wash and sanitization results.

The food wash is performed by special cabin washers that thoroughly wash meat such as prosciutto, sausages, smoked ham and bresaole.
Tunnel washers as well as cabin washers of different and shape perform the wash, the drying and the sanitization of a wide range of equipment.

Special systems as well as robotized machines allow to thoroughly wash and dry in continuous a high number of containers, meat trucks, vats, moulds and special equipment with relevant automatic stacking and stocking devices. / Technology - Technology Web Directory