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Water purification food industry
TECNinox, through their experience in the treatment of pure fluids, is the ideal partner for complete systems for water purification food industry, from design to execution, through to storage and distribution to the various users. Present for several years on the market sector, TECNinox has gained the expertise to develop and manufacture reverse osmosis systems can meet the different needs of water purification food industry Customer User for productive potential and to control and quality monitoring final water. TECNinox is capable of evaluating, together with the user client, the best technical solution to ensure continuity of operation, performance, operational simplicity and low operating costs thanks to the systems purification of water for food industry.

Description of the Process of water purification food industry

The incoming water is micro-filtered and loaded in the reservoir of food to the predetermined level. From the reservoir of food is taken from the high pressure pump booster and sent, through the microfiltration system and temperature regulation, to the first stage reverse osmosis. From the first stage of osmosis, the concentrate is partially discharged and the remaining recirculated on the reservoir of food, while the permeate is sent to pressurization pump of the second stage.

The operation of the second stage is similar to the previous described. The concentrate in turn, is returned to the reservoir of food to resume normal treatment cycle. The purified water produced will be sent to the storage tank and then distributed to the ring points use the plant located in different departments / users. The system of water purification food industry is equipped with a section of chemical conditioning of water by in-line dosing: a station for dosing of dilute caustic soda and a metabisulphite.

The management dell'impiantodi water purification food industry is entrusted to a main electrical panel equipped with PLC videographic panel for displaying critical process parameters such as conductivity, pH, flow, temperature and pressure. During operation they are displayed and controlled all these parameters necessary for the production of water according to the required standards. All the instruments are inserted into a control panel for monitoring and possible interface with external systems of supervision for alarms and signals.

Maximum convenience and compliance with cGMP requirements
The water purification systems food industry reverse osmosis occur extremely compact ensuring, at the same time, the maximum operating space for the normal operations of ordinary and extraordinary maintenance. The operator is also ensured optimal viewing of all operating parameters and analysis of the water necessary for the conduct of the process according to the principles of ergonomics and safety thanks to the systems of water purification food industry.

The productive potentiality and the quality of the produced water, is guaranteed provided that the chemical-physical characteristics of the feed water. The treated water is able to meet the requirements of the most stringent American standards (USP) and the European Community directives (EP).

For this reason the ROTEC is built according to the criterion "modules", inserting finite groups pre-wired to compose the ideal machine and measure the customer:

• pretreatment module
• module sanitization
• module system ultraviolet
• washing module.
• module E. D. I.
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