Tecsi srl.

via Brignano 41 - 24047 Treviglio (BG) (ITALIA)
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TECSI manufactures industrial filters for the pulp and paper industry, steel mills, filter systems for the food industry and the textile industry, filter systems to clean sewage waters, filters for snow-making equipment and filter systems for artificial snow machines. TECSI was established in 1983. Industrial Spray Nozzles represents TECSI's initial core business, designed to suit most production processes: a variety of hands-on experiences together with a series of successes achieved over the years have driven the Company to continue along this path, always within a framework to improve customer service. This originated the range of products for Paper Mills, from the Showers incorporating design and production movements exclusive to TECSI, to humidifying Nozzles, etc. The design and development of the Self-cleaning Filters and line Filters originates from the requests of Customers already using Nozzles and asking TECSI for solutions to nozzle clogging and cycle closure problems. TECSI has been structured in 3 Divisions to ensure flexibility and respond promptly to Customers: 1. NOZZLES DIVISION 2. FILTERS DIVISION 3. SHOWERS DIVISION
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