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Beverage industry palletizing systems

Palletising consists in placing boxes of products on a support, usually wooden (called, precisely, a pallet) in order to facilitate moving many products simultaneously without subjecting them to undue stress.

OCME has always recognized leader in the world for the supply of conventional and robotic beverageindustry palletizing systems, it has introduced important innovations in the management of the end line. Today, much more than in the past, the end of the line and beverage industry palletizing systems in particular, must be considered strategic tools that can guarantee companies the possibility of dealing in the products that the market will demand in the future and, in many cases, is already now demanding.

 The food industry palletizing systems area is the heart of the end of the line. The overall efficiency of this important node, in terms of corporate production potential, depends on the perfect integration of beverage industry palletizing systems and on a correct engineering layout, as much as on the quality of the palletisers. In this field, OCME can pool on know-how acquired in over half a century of work in various merchandising sectors.
To date OCME has devoleped the following beverage industry palletizing systems:

·Orion: is the line of palletisers with in-line infeed used to handle packs such as bundles, cartons, crates, multipacks, drums, etc…

·Pegasus: is the line of robot palletisers with multiple gripping system or layer grippers to pick up a complete layer of packs, capable of handling packs such as bundles, cartons, crates, multipacks, drums, etc…

·Perseus: is the line of palletisers with 90° infeed used to handle packs such as bundles, cartons, crates, multipack, drums, etc…

·Mizar: is a manipulator which serves for the formation of layer before palletisation with robotic or traditional system

Robot palletisers are machines that derive from the automobile industry and are designed to simulate the human arm for complex and precise handling tasks.


OCME holds various patents in beverage industry palletizing systems field, especially for the layer gripping head, that is, a powerful automatic hand that can handle an entire layer of products at a time.

Compared to traditional palletisers, such as Orion and Perseus, robot palletisers offer superior flexibility, as they can adapt to format changes, product changes and sometimes also line layout changes, simply by acting on the software.

For some time now, Ocme has been implementing avant-garde technologies into its range of beverage industry palletizing systems, guaranteeing high efficiency levels without compromising flexibility.

Machines such as Perseus, Orion and Pegasus allow for such fast servicing operations that a very high level of availability (meaning time available for production) is guaranteed even in case of breakdown; guided tools for the creation of new palletising patterns and assisted format change procedures have rendered production rates less sensitive to the proliferation of products and types of packages.

Ocme’s decision to use components keyed to maximum compatibility with the most widespread communication protocols is by no means negligible, as it permits monitoring production data for more efficient maintenance and management of spare parts.

Of no less importance is the webcam-controlled remote-assistance system, which has drastically reduced servicing costs and times thanks to its efficiency, as well as rendering supervision by highly qualified production personnel obsolete.

To date, the results reached by Ocme in terms of reducing costs and increasing production levels are the fruit of an essential and on-going collaboration with its customers, a type of partnering that has permitted, and will continue to permit, meeting customer needs, both explicit and latent, aimed at the continuing improvement of production costs and efficiency.

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