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CAODURO Spa draws its origins back in 1951 and today the property in the company is to the third generation. Caoduro Isidoro begins in the small craft workshop in Corso San Felice and Fortunato in Vicenza, plexiglas manufacturing, producing inscription fonts, bar paste covers, lighting fixtures, caravans, windshields for cars and boats.

At the end of the 50's of the last century, the products mentioned above are the wall telephone booths for the SIP state telephone company, armchairs, plexiglass tables and chairs for elite furnishings, to which are added polymethyl methacrylate skylights Will find more and more placement on the roofs of the plants, with the advent of industrial prefabrication, all produced in the new establishment of Olmo di Creazzo.

In 1977, CAODURO began construction of the Cavazzale factories, which in 2008, after various expansions, reached 13,200 square meters on an area of ​​almost 30,000 land.

In 2010, the construction of a computer warehouse was completed, reaching about 16,000 square meters.

CAODURO Spa establishments are being produced in the early 1980s with the collaboration of the Genoese architect Renzo Piano the monolithic polycarbonate curved modules, which made it possible to produce IBM's itinerant pavilions, the American IT giant who carried around For Europe the technology of the birth of mastodontic computers as far as the most modern could be elaborated computerized with machines much smaller and faster.

In CAODURO, between 89 and 90, the largest pieces in the world are born, more than 15 square meters in one piece, thermoformed in PC, resistant and self-extinguishing material with which will be covered 45,000 square meters of the San Paolo stadium Of Naples, the lightning blades of the Turin Alps Stadium, part of Palermo's, and all this for the occasion of the World Cup.

With the extremely versatile thermoforming equipment, unique in their kind, designed within the CAODURO, works such as the covered pedestrian bridge, used as a mall of 265m built in Moscow, or the coverage of the Military University Of MU'TAH in Jordan, the Hotel Don Giovanni in Prague, Bucharest Airport, the Maranello Ferrari Museum and hundreds and hundreds of industrial warehouses and shopping malls in the most important distribution chains in Europe or Of theaters such as La Scala of Milan or La Fenice of Venice which are equipped with the first "Smoke-Out" smoke and heat evacuators in Italy to be constructed in accordance with UNI 9494 to be CE Marked to European Standard UNI EN 12101-2 / 2004 .

All this is possible thanks to a comprehensive network of agencies throughout Italy and many European countries, enabling the products covered by a hundred patents owned by CAODURO by its owners. In addition to completing the products above and in response to the new market demands of the 2000s in terms of comfort and energy savings, CAODURO Spa has developed new systems and in particular:
• The Integrated Ventilation System SIV consisting of air diffusion, cooling, forced ventilation and energy saving systems with the emergence of the "Ecogy" skylight that works by means of solar energy
• Smoke and Heat Control Systems with the introduction of new products to complete the Smoke and Heat Evacuators (Smoke and Heat Evacuators, Smoking Barriers).

The main goal for CAODURO Spa has always been customer satisfaction and is therefore an ideal partner in the choice of materials, in shapes definition and in structural testing.

But CAODURO is present and sensitive as a sponsor in so-called "so-called" sports such as Volleyball, Ice Hockey, Water Polo, Hockey Online, provided that the CAODURO companies have younger nursery enthusiasts for the first team That sporting society represents the memory of the old "Healthy Mens in Healthy Body" motto.

CAODURO is also present in the world of music by promoting concerts with the first Vicenza music foundations and in the world of architecture by promoting, as main sponsor, prizes for young architects since 1987 with the Andrea Palladio International Prize, or the International Prize to the Dedalo & Minosse Comedy This year at the tenth edition.
All this for a way definitely going with the time to be on the market.
Thanks to the collaboration relationship with architects and designers and the trust of their customers, CAODURO Spa will be increasingly "not only skylight". / Technology - Technology Web Directory