Via E. Ferrari, 1 - Frazione Zucche - 10040 Volvera (TORINO) (ITALY)
Allibert Buckhorn Uk Ltd is a member of the Myers Industries inc. Group, world leader in plastic products for industrial storage, handling and distribution.
Allibert Buckhorn Uk Ltd encompasses four brands. Allibert Buckhorn manufactures a wide range of materials handling products including containers pallets, box, pallets and trolleys. Allibert Buckhorn Helix manufactures bulk liquid storage tanks, IBC's, safety flooring and structural components. Buckhorn Metals designs and installs complete racking and storage systems for industrial or commercial facilities. Allibert Medical supplies trolleys, lockers and plastic furniture for clinics and hospitals.
Allibert Buckhorn Uk Ltd distributes selected products from sister companies within the Myers industries group: Buckhorn, Akro Mils, Ameri Kart, Raaco. / Technology - Technology Web Directory