Via Serio, 15 - 24021 Albino (BERGAMO) (ITALY)
In the 15,000 sq.m covered by the modern Albino plant, in the industrial heart of the Lombardy region, ARMANNI produces a wide range of lift trucks and pallet trucks suitable for all sort of movement requirements, from craft-based companies up to big industries.
With more than 30 years of activity, ARMANNI has become a leader in the sector of lift trucks, showing a particular ability to produce lift trucks that can move in reduced spaces and in logistic situations that require utmost versatility.
ARMANNI’s wide range of products is comprehensive as regards lifting capacities and lift heights, and includes from manual lift trucks to those that are fully electronic, to single or double pantograph lifting tables up to special trucks with specific equipment for moving reels, emptying drums, tilting tanks, and moving particularly bulky or heavy loads. / Technology - Technology Web Directory