SCAGLIA  INDEVA SPA - Manipolatori Industriali

SCAGLIA INDEVA SPA - Manipolatori Industriali

Via Marconi, 42 - 24012 Brembilla (BERGAMO) (ITALY)
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Scaglia INDEVA is a world leader in the design and manufacturing of industrial manipulators.

The INDEVA industrial manipulators are state of the art intelligent lifting equipment that allow to lift, tilt, turn upside down, move and precisely position heavy loads at zero gravity condition.
Scaglia INDEVA are specialists in designing and supplying custom made material handling solutions with gripping tools (end effectors) suitable for cardboard case, reels, pallets, barrels, drums, glass bottles, cheese, piled-up cases etc…
The INDEVA industrial manipulators are the evolution of the traditional pneumatic manipulators and are the state of the art material handling solution that is replacing the old fashioned hoists in every modern plant; hoists in fact are 4 times slower and with non ergonomic features. (the operator is bound to keep a button pressed all the time for up/down moves).
An INDEVA vertical move speed is not fixed as with a hoist: the INDEVA moves with the operator’s hand, as fast or as slow as the job requires. This feature is very important when you have to position a load exactly in a restricted area; the INDEVA counterbalances the weight of the load constantly, thus keeping the load weightless in your hands with no bounces due to inertia forces and allowing you to place the load precisely with no effort.

The people who have tried an INDEVA are enthusiastic and state it is so much smoother than an air balancer and they don’t have to wait for the balancer to catch up!

The INDEVA industrial manipulators are the ideal solution for handling delicate loads within quick and frequent work cycles, because allow precise and soft load placement.

With an INDEVA your material handling operations become really ergonomic and safe, thus complying with all recent Regulations and Directives on safety and ergonomics. / Technology - Technology Web Directory