Via XX Settembre, 107 - 28883 Gravellona Toce (VERBANIA) (ITALY)
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Casters & Wheels food industry

AVO is one of the historical brands within manufacturers of wheels and castors for industry and furniture application. He was born in 1943 and from the beginning the quality and completeness of the range of products have been guaranteed a steady growth over time. AVO ‘s leadership is universally recognized, in addition to having a consolidated presence on the Italian market, the AVO brand is successfully distributed in all the main markets worldwide.

The products of the company, all built in factories in Gravellona Toce where today the company is located, ranging from wheels and castors for furniture for all industries related to the handling. Hardware shops, retail stores, furniture manufacturers, industries manufacturing trucks, lifts, doors, fitness equipment, companies in the marine industry, medical and food industries are just some of the clients who come daily to the AVO: To purchase products manufactured according to standard and special products projected according to specific needs.

Wheels made of cast iron, cast iron cores with polyurethane or rubber tread, wheel with aluminum core and polyurethane or  rubber tire, polyamide wheels, polyamide cores with polyurethane or rubber  tread, polypropylene wheels , polypropylene cores with rubber tread,  rubber wheels with steel or plastic cores, assembled with steel or stainless steel castors can meet all customer needs.

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