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Homogenizers for preserving industry

Stability, uniformity, long life, digestibility, best appearance, clour and flavour improving. These are just some of the main advantages you can obtain by using tha homogenizer for treating common foodstuff. The results, in economic and qualitative terms, make the use homogenizers for preserving industry of the new FBF ITALIA technology particularly convenient.

This is a list of just some of the applications in which homogenization may be utilized homogenizers for preserving industry:

Additives - Almond milk - Animal fats - Arabic gum - Baby food - Butter oil - Caseinates - Condensed milk - Cooking cream - Cream - Cream cheese - Dessert - Egg based liquor - Eggs - Emulsion - Flavours - Fruit and Tomatoe Concentrate - Fruit juices - fruit pulps - Gelatines - Honey - Ice cream mix - Ketchup - Milk - Milk cream based liquors - Milk for yoghurt - Milk protein - Puddings - Recombined milk - Rice milk - Sauce - Soya Milk - Tomatoe juices - Vegetable fats - Vegetable Oil - Yoghurt.



Homolab is a laboratory homogenizers for preserving industry suitable to test almost 20 l/h of product, reaching an homogenizer pressure of 1.500 Bar.

The FBF ITALIA laboratory homogenizers for preserving industry is equipped with two pumping pistons.

This characteristic allows the homogenizing heads to treat the product sample to be tests carried out with single piston machines. This particular feature allows to transfer to industrial production the homogenizing result obtained in laboratory research.

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