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Forming for cheeses

Forming for hard and semi-hard cheeses

Entirely built in AISI 304, it has the function of forming hard and semi-hard cheeses that will be deposited in the molds.
The forming for cheeses is made from a hopper, pre-pressing column (the column can have one or more holes), pre-forming molds and a tape feeder molds.
The columns and the molds of the forming for cheeses are interchangeable in order to adapt better to the various forms of cheese.
The machine is fully automatic CIP wash.
Consumption forming for cheeses:
Air: 250 liters / minute
Pressure: 6 bar
Production: up to 500 pieces / hour.
Time multipurpose drain: about 20 minutes.

from min. Ø 150 to max Ø 380

In addition to the forming for cheeses, MilkyLAB is also specialized in the manufacture of machines for dairies for the production of:
-Cheese spun paste (mozzarella, cheese, provolone cheese, pizza cheese, kassery, string cheese)
-Cheese melted and spreads
-Cheese hard and semi-hard cheeses (cheeses, cheese, etc ..).

It also produces systems that include:
-Systems automatic cutting and weighing of diced mozzarella and julien
-New of steam spinning systems
-cabine cheese coating
-tunnel and cabins of washings / Technology - Technology Web Directory