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Automatic weighing food industry

The automatic weighing food industry Lawer stand for maximum accuracy for dosing of powders.
Technology and flexibility for automatic weighing food industry accurate and quality
Lawer is a solid and very Italian. The concentration of the design department and the production in the same factory, provides control over the entire chain of production. The company operates in Biella, an industrial district important nationally.
The know-how gained since 1970 in the textile sector has given the company the right credentials to present itself in other industrial sectors.
Today Lawer is a benchmark for automatic weighing food industry technologically advanced and flexible to adapt to the different needs of each client and holds a large number of patents granted in many countries around the world.

Besides the Italian headquarters that produce 100% of automatic weighing food industry, Lawer currently consists of four sales offices / foreign assistance:
- TURKEY (Lawer Teknik Servis)
- CHINA (Shanghai Lawer Dispensing Systems)
- BRAZIL (Lawer do Brasil)

Mission Lawer
QUALITY '- A quality designed to last.
This is the mission of Lawer, Biella firm internationally recognized for the excellence of its automatic weighing food industry. Excellence expressed by the preliminary analysis to the commissioning of the plant, thus ensuring automatic weighing food industry safe and automated managed by world-class software, capable of adapting to the changing needs of production companies. Quality is also the ability to offer a service and maintenance effective, efficient, present all over the world to be always close to its customers.
PRECISION - It is in every small detail which measures the great value of a company.

Lawer has made a hallmark of precision. In research, the production cycle, in helping every detail has been investigated by the stricter controls. Extreme care is given to staff training. Nothing is left to chance in the choice of materials used to make the various components of automatic weighing food industry. They are selected for installation only those of the highest quality, able to satisfy, in full, the requirements of the regulations in progress.

SEARCH - always Lawer has implemented a strategic decision to invest in a consistent manner, in men, in research and new technologies.
Through the technical department dedicated to the analysis and development, nerve center of the plant, the company shows its strong design skills. A qualified professionals, and constantly updated, is entrusted with the key task of finding the most innovative technical solutions for the continuous improvement of automatic weighing food industry. For this reason it Lawer continues to lead in an increasingly competitive market.

SAFETY - Lawer wants to represent a security for its customers.
A partner you can always count over the years. Why Lawer follows the evolution of the production departments of client companies, always providing the most advanced technological solutions and top quality, whose components are selected among the best suppliers in the market. All this to ensure total reliability of its automatic weighing food industry and the excellent availability of spare parts. Moreover, Lawer builds robotic systems extremely attentive to the environmental impact, which contribute significantly to the solution of the problems of health and safety at work and waste reduction of pollutants.

Support automatic weighing food industry
Flexibility, professionalism, capillarity of the international network of 45 exclusive agents highly skilled.
Ability to analyze, identify, translate customer needs into a custom project.
Quickly in the design, manufacturing and installation of automatic weighing food industry.
Timeliness of the after-sales service to respond to any request and solve problems, thanks to qualified technicians, 4 service centers, Telecare service online.

Support services Scheduled designed to optimize operations and reduce costs.
These are the elements that characterize the service and assistance of Lawer, who wants to be in relation to their customers not as a simple supplier but a reliable partner and positive over time.

Environmental sustainability
Lawer was among the first companies in Italy to adhere to the "Sustainable Technologies", a project promoted by ACIMIT (Association of Italian Manufacturers of Machinery).

The associated ACIMIT must provide systems and technologies that place the center of the manufacturing cycle the reduction of energy, water and chemicals to a production process more responsible and frugal.
Performance energy / environment are guaranteed by a green label placed on automatic weighing food industry.
Lawer's commitment to environmental sustainability does not stop there. The company is equipped with a cover of photovoltaic panels to self-produce and use renewable energy, and continues in the search for manufacturing solutions aimed at respect for the environment. / Technology - Technology Web Directory