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Quality control in food industry

A.M.D. ELECTRONIC was founded in 1989 by the experience of its founder, Antonio D'Isep, in the field of quality control in food industry.

From the beginning of A.M.D. ELECTRONIC has supplied to food businesses the best solutions in terms of metal detectors and X-ray machines for quality control in food industry. Today is able to offer its customers with innovative technology NIR, quality control systems and food industry specific vision for the detection of contaminants in products that would otherwise be invisible to conventional metal detectors or X-ray

Since 2004 A.M.D. ELECTRONIC is aimed more attention to the pharmaceutical world, as well as food, cosmetics and graphic, specializing in providing Proofreading electronic systems for control of documents Text and Artwork as well as printed materials, to ensure the quality, integrity and the total absence of errors in quality control for food industry.

The solutions of A.M.D. ELECTRONIC guarantee security along the entire workflow of the packaging, in full compliance with regulations, including FDA 21 CFR Part 11 / Annex 11 EMA and validation.

Automate the process of proofreading for quality control in food industry of its materials is increasingly crucial for those companies who realize the damage, both economic and image, which might be due to human error. The Italian and European regulations, increasingly strict labeling and packaging, constitute an additional incentive to automate controls. In addition to this, the need to protect their brands from the growing problem of counterfeiting, pushing more companies to seriously consider the technologically advanced solutions.


A.M.D. ELECTRONIC over the years has always been very attentive to feedback from those working directly in the field, in order to be able to better respond to customer needs with a wide range of solutions for quality control in food industry.

Since 2010 A.M.D. Electronic supplies advanced systems for Automatic Generation of the artwork as well as the management of its approval process and storage.

The processes related to the generation of the artwork involve not only different departments inside companies but also many external collaborators.

A.M.D. ELECTRONIC also provides advice and assistance in the design, configuration and installation of technology for quality control in food industry.

You can also rely on technical assistance post-sale timely and professional atmosphere to ensure continuity and regularity in the provision of services such as validation, calibration, Planned Maintenance and Support Plan custom.

In a word, the mission of AMD Electronic is Quality. / Technology - Technology Web Directory