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BOSELLI CISTERNE was born in 1958 by an insight of Giuseppe Boselli, one of the most forward-looking Italian post-war entrepreneurs. The Founder disappeared the witness was raised by his son Boselli, the inspiration and soul of the company until the 90's when he began to form the company figure closest to Giulia the third-born, who still today handles with an innovative footprint the corporate assets of family.

BG Designs and manufactures stainless steel tanks for milk transport and STAINLESS STEEL TANKS for the processing and storage of liquid foodstuffs, together with reservoir plants.
Our production is based on two main products:
- HORIZONTAL CISTERNS, versions: standard and light
They are created in a full range of LT 1000 to LT 30,000 capacity, completely in stainless steel.

We work for the passion to make a dream, "be someone who counts in our industry" to be the best in:

- Produce and market high quality products,
 - Believing, always in quality and investing in it,
 - Be able to successfully satisfy the diverse market demands by specializing our product more and more.

At present, the fields of use of our product include the sectors; Dairy milk, our battle horse, oil, oenological and derivatives (acetic fermentation, vinegar ...) water and purification, food industry and preserver with juices and extracts of fruit and vegetables.
This is why we believe it is essential to collaborate with the customer in the design and production phase; The common synergies have led BG to differentiate and qualify its product.
We want to be the leader and point of reference in Italy and Europe in the design, production and marketing of stainless steel tanks for milk transport and stainless steel tanks for the processing and storage of liquid food and tanks plant. Take a look at new forms of marketing of the components that distinguish and differentiate our tanks on the market thanks to the use of our e-commerce platform. Carefully pay attention to the design of our stainless steel tanks for milk transport: complete set up on liquid food storage vehicles, collection and transport tanks, measurement facilities, quay tracking systems, automatic sampling, recording and data transmission Collection, on-board computer, process control and monitoring systems.

BG srl aims to maintain a high standard of quality, using top quality materials and specialized, motivated and with great sense of belonging to the company. The equipment is created by combining the experience of our staff with the information of the user providing new ideas and reasons for improvement. The same is involved in the creation of his own product, kept constantly updated on the procedures, followed in related practices. The young spirit, the dynamism, the adaptability and the ability to combine tradition and innovation, make us the ideal partners. We want to reach our targets through continuous improvement of processes and products, providing our customers with excellent service in the shortest possible time, guaranteeing state-of-the-art technology solutions and always respecting the commitments made. We believe that this can only be achieved by investing in relationships with people, whether they are clients, internal employees, consultants, outsiders, suppliers, professionals. The focal point of our work is the
customer; The latter is an important feedback of information. The same is involved in the creation of his own product, kept constantly updated on the procedures, followed in related practices.

The company offers a maintenance service of Stainless Steel Tanks for Milk Transport and Stainless Steel Tanks to ensure to its customer that the plant is always in excellent condition through a preventive maintenance program which consists of periodically checking the regular operation of All devices and components. The experience gained over the years and the in-depth knowledge of our plants also allow timely intervention, thanks to constant availability at our spare parts warehouses. The Scheduled Maintenance BGs provide timely assistance to the vehicle and cover, in whole or in part, depending on the customer's needs, the assistance operations that may be needed if needed.
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