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A specific technology for the production of AZOTO FOOD PACKAGING Flo, Pico and Maxi: Three AZOTO FOOD PACKAGING generators that Claind proposes for the food industry. Claind, one of the world's leading manufacturers of gas generators, has developed several solutions for the production of AZOTO FOOD PACKAGING for use in the food field. The Food line has been specifically designed for the conservation of perishable products and is able to guarantee the quality of the FOOD PACKAGING FOOD PACKAGING EZ941 according to the current regulations. FOOD PACKAGING CLIMATE Claind preserves the freshness of food in a natural and optimal way, increasing its shelf life by up to five times compared to traditional packaging and guarantees the best presentation in terms of color, shape and composition with respect to vacuum. It should also be emphad that through the use of AZOTO FOOD FOR FOOD PACKAGING it is possible to eliminate various treatments with physical chemical stabilizers, thus maintaining the integrity of the organoleptic properties and improving the final quality of the food. The packaging in a protected and modified atmosphere, consisting of nitrogen or nitrogen mixtures with other gases, allows to keep within the packaging an environment that reduces the contact of the food with other gases as much as possible in time state. The Food range includes Flo, Pico and Maxi, three generator sets that differ in their nitrogen flow. They can be used in the food industry for the packaging of food in a protective atmosphere (coffee, fresh pasta, piadine, baked goods, snacks, dried fruits, meats, cold meats, cheeses ...), storage and bottling of liquids Foodstuffs (such as wine, juices, oil and water) and the preservation of fresh IV fruit (fruit and vegetables) products. All Claind Nitrogen Generators are manufactured in accordance with CE (including PED) and UL and ASME standards and employ PSA (Pressure Swing Adsorption) technology that, using CMS molecular sieves, separates nitrogen from the air Environment obtaining very high purities, up to 99.9999%. The high efficiency of molecular sieves and the lack of maintenance greatly limit the cost of nitrogen to alternative sources of supply, such as cylinders or liquid nitrogen. The entire range also features the Fast Purity system, the exclusive Claind patent, which guarantees maximum purity of the gas just minutes after ignition and has both an oxygen analyzer and guarantees the quality of the produced nitrogen as well as a sophisticated Microprocessor control system that allows the operation of the products 24 hours a day with continuity of delivery. Another noteworthy advantage of these generators is represented by the small dimensions which need in fact smaller spaces. Safety, ease of use, low operating costs are among the benefits most appreciated by customers who have been using Claind equipment for years. In addition, the high efficiency of molecular sieves and the almost lack of maintenance greatly limit the cost of Nitrogen compared to alternative sources of supply, such as cylinders or liquid nitrogen. Claind offers on its products an effective and timely service and is continually seeking innovative solutions for the production of nitrogen for food use thanks to collaborations with Italian and foreign research centers. / Technology - Technology Web Directory