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packaging line

F.B.L. has been operating in the food industry market for over 50 years, and is a leading company in the design and manufacturing of machines and comprehensive systems for the food industry.
Thanks to its technological and production know-how the company can offer a wide range of machines, entirely made of stainless steel, capable of meeting all market requirements.

The wide range of machines includes: depalletizers, lowerators, blowers, fillers, dosing machines, capping machines, washing machines, pasteurisers, vacuum detectors and conveyance systems, for use in the packaging of dense or semi-dense products (like preserves, jams, mayonnaise, honey, tomato paste and purée, sauces and tomato sauces, etc.), liquid products (like juices, vegetables pickled in oil/vinegar, etc.) or solid chopped products (like vegetables, fruit, etc.) in glass, plastic and tin plate containers.

Our forty-year experience, our high level of professionalism and our effective after-sale service ensure that our machines keep running reliably along time, to meet the customer expectations in terms of day-to-day productivity, growth and innovation projects.
The machines designed and manufactured by F.B.L. are sold not only on the national and European market, but also on important foreign markets like Eastern Europe, the Middle and Far East, Northern Africa, Central and South America, Australia.

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