Via R. Guttuso, 2/A - 42019 Scandiano (REGGIO EMILIA) (ITALY)

The firm BOCEDI, established in 1966, is a leader firm in the packing sector and is specialized for the planning of complete end-line plants. BOCEDI has become very important and famous for the reliability and the engineering of its machines and for the ability to solve every type of problem submitted by customers. Its long experience in the construction of packaging machinery and its continuous research and use of first-rate materials, allow the firm BOCEDI to put its machines on the market with high performances and a great reliability, minimizing the maintenance. The firm BOCEDI manufactures:

Ovens for thermofeedback working with gas and/or electric resistances with warm air thermofeedback; ring ovens working with gas and/or electric resistances;

Cover fitting machines for thermoretractile with one, two or three different shapes of coils and special automatic cover fitting machine with six different shapes of coils, with the possibility of an automatic choice; 

Stretch cold extension machines with a film extensible to a tubular coil;

Roller motorized conveyors and/or idle, electropneumatic centering machines for pallets, rotary pallets up to 90°, electrohydraulic platforms to raise pallets havingmotorized plains with roller blinds, chains or rollers; there is even the production of strep machines, grinding machines for small packings, taping cold machines with extensible film, pallets translator, conveyors with rolling blinds and/or chains;

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