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PMR GROUP Ltd., for over 40 years, offers labeling food industry, packaging solutions for high reliability and technological innovation as a result of our know - how made ​​in Italy and Europe. To date, the constant technical development - business allows us to bring together in one aspect of the design, manufacture, sales and technical support with new protection formulas to Italy and the world. The wide range of proposals PMR is directed to the entirety of the productive sectors and responds to various technical needs of an increasingly diverse and specific. COSMETICS - FOOD - CHEMICAL - DETERGENT - PHARMACEUTICAL - TECH - BUSINESS SERVICES - BUILDING, we're not allowed any business district; all'artigianale industrialist, from serial to the prototype, a viable solution for everyone, even custom-made and strictly dedicated to you. Small, Medium, Large Industries, for our group the importance and value of a project is the same, without distinction of any kind.

The company organization is agile, lean, young and includes excellent professionalism. Precise and accurate answers, this is the first of our objectives which is called the entire staff of the company, fellowship, full cooperation, skills, enthusiasm and passion are to be key factors for the success of our group. The sales organization, with direct contact or through the presence of agents and distributors, fully covers the entire Italian territory and worldwide. The experience, knowledge and skills of our esteemed designers, engineers and testers in the area of ​​design and production company can monitor constantly the path of any production car in line and order under the terms of delivery. Nothing is left to chance, except creativity. This another one of our professional guidelines that allowed PMR Group Ltd. about a long journey in the history of labeling food industry and packaging machines Semi and fully automatic.


Since 1971, when, with a brilliant idea, Cosimo Rubino, founder and patriarch of the family today still firmly at the helm of the company, takes a firm conviction and strength essential to usher in, among the early pioneers, a new era the packaging industry in Italy. In recent decades many of the milestones that have marked the constantly growing company guided by research, innovation and technical development of the same. From the Division LABELING SYSTEM, which includes all of the proposals on labeling systems, labeling food industry, product marking, coding labels, bank and industrial applicators, up to new department EXPERIENCE, which includes all the solutions for dosing, filling and rotary capping machines, labeling food industry, packaging machines and numerous other vertical and horizontal extent of possibilities, have been substantial and will be presented through the innovations of the most important national and international exhibitions and with the help of advanced communication technologies.

And this commitment has been and is consistently recognized by leading national business realities. Since 1995, PMR Group Ltd. became an associate member of API Milan in 2001 and is certified by TUV, ISO 9001 company. In this context PMR Ltd. has built its operating space by accepting and presenting increasingly difficult challenges aimed at a steady and continuous improvement. And the popularity of the most important operators indicates that the real strength remains the excellent quality - price: all our products are offered at highly competitive prices. / Technology - Technology Web Directory