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For more than 40 years ALCE has been producing caps, seals and accessories for phials, pots, containers for pharmaceutical, cosmetic and dietary use. The experience gained and strengthened in time let us offer you today a wide set of seals that satisfy the most different technical and esthetical needs.

Three are the  fundamental values which we believe in, distinguishing  our workmanship: the strength of experience, the constant pursuit for maximum quality and customer’s satisfaction. This means personalization of standard processing and continuos assistance in pre and post-sale fase.


ALCE was born in 1970 after the founder spent 10 years of experience in seals for pharmaceutical use.The company has always been in the highly specific market of seals gaining year after year a known experience and a wide set of products.

During the last 10 years the company took over the historic brand “Vetreria Albanese Milano” and “Sughero Vogue” which has a 30-years experience in wooden caps and corks.

The company can now offer a wide ranging expertise on the final product.

We manufacture in a 1000 m2 area using 30 to 150 tons machineries.Our experience help us get the best out of materials and technologies to guarantee constant quality for extreme convenient prices.

Our technologies and manufacturing solutions let us satisfy the needs of a wide range of customers: high quality and competitive costs are guaranteed both in large and small personalized volumes.

The environmental impact and the compliance of the law have been taken in consideration under every step of the manufacturing cycle. / Technology - Technology Web Directory