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Imasezzadio srl is a company that manufactures vertical packaging machines. Started 30 years ago, it has achieved today the dimensions of a well-established firm inside the country and with a satisfactory quota of the foreign market.  
Thanks to the flexibility of the machinery produced and the after-sales service, IMASEZZADIO offers the possibility of satisfying the different needs that might come up at the moment of packaging.
The main models in production are M92/520 and M92/700, which take their name from the maximum size of the film reel that they can use, and others with different features.
All these packaging machines may be fitted to any dispenser, volumetric regulator of one or more cups, granular and powdered products, counter with vibrating tracks for bread and croissants, one or more tracks for several or single dose counting, and linear or multi-head weighers.
Countless accessories may be installed on the packaging machines. Some of these devices are patented by Imasezzadio. / Technology - Technology Web Directory