Via Zacchi, 10 - 40129 BOLOGNA (BOLOGNA) (ITALIA)
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Founded in 1985, it began its activity in the design and construction of shrinking tunnels for some important producers of packaging lines, aquiring a great deal of experience over the years.
It later expanded its activitieswith the development of a ne style wrapping machine, characterised by a high sealing quality and at the same time easy use requiring minimum maintenance and or cleaning of the sealing element.

To satisfy the needs of the ever growing number of users, it has turned its attention to the development of auxiliary feeding units to allow optimum integration with with lines and systems of production and packagingbefore the wrapping machine itself: single and or multi-row feeding groups, rotation units, splitters, stackers, cartoon feeders etc. all characterised by strong modularity and inter-changeability.

L.P. Packaging is characterised by a great flexibility in giving due consideration to request from users, a high level of sevice given to clients (offers, deliveries and technical support) and the quality, reliability and efficiency of its products.

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