Via Sandro Pertini, 29 - 47826 Villa Verucchio (RIMINI) (ITALY)
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Fimar, a family-run company, has covered much ground over the past 35 years and has no intention of slowing down! It has grown and developed always with an eye for innovation and the needs of the market and recently, in 2014, it began the construction of a large logistics centre that will assist the new headquarters in the future. From Villa Verucchio, in the province of Rimini, Fimar has expanded worldwide and now caters for customers in over 100 countries and all the continents, with production sites and warehouses covering more than 20,000 square metres.


From the day it was established, Fimar has designed, researched and developed some of si the very best solutions for the world of professional catering and hospitality. Although Fimar has grown considerably over the years, it has always remained faithful to its original corporate philosophy: to design, create, import and distribute products that are simple, reliable and strong, and that its customers throughout the world can be sure are easy to use and long- lasting. / Technology - Technology Web Directory