Via Ballerini, 66 - 20831 Seregno (MONZA BRIANZA) (ITALY)
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FOODPACK is an Italian company that produces horizontal packaging machines, flow pack - HFFS, mostly for the food industry - with particular attention paid to modified atmosphere packaging to obtain longer shelf life, but also for the not-food sector - components, spare parts, biomedical products, cosmetics.
Our range of machines is divided into three families:

PALLADIO: Electronic Rotary-jaws flow wrappers.

RAFFAELLO: Intermittent flow wrappers with long sealing-time for modified atmosphere packaging - MAP.
POLY version also available, when polyethylene - LDPE, HDPE - film is required;

LEONARDO: box motion flow wrappers with long sealing-time for MAP - Modified Atmosphere Packaging. As Raffaello machines, Leonardo models are also available in POLY version - when polyethylene - LDPE, HDPE - film is required.

Long dwell machines are also available, as well as customized packaging lines complete with automatic feeding systems, conveyors, end-line systems.
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