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A new Side Loading concept was engineered in Cama to offer the maximum flexibility and efficiency. According to Cama, the System meets expectations of those customers looking for a solution able to work with different speeds, product s and at times relevant product variations and carton dimensions. This is not simply a New Cartoner, but a COMPLETE SYSTEM which could be an alternative to a Cartoner and a Top Loading Unit.


Cama has introduced the CL 175, a new cartoning machine, which has been completely redesigned, both in layout and functioning. Cama’s new side loading cartoner offers maximum flexibility with minimal changeover. Going into details, the CL consists of three main operating stations: in the first one, the carton box is picked from the storage station, opened and placed into the movers’ pockets. After that, it moves to the next station for the product insertion. Two boxes at a time are picked and placed in continuous motion, with movers adapting their speed to the rotary feeder’s one. The boxes remain instead in a stand-by position to receive the items. As this step is completed, the carton boxes are moved towards the final closure station, which can work in continuous or intermittent mode. "The movers are electronically aligned with the devices operating in the different stations; they move independently of each other and adapt to different speed requirements”, A. Bellante, Marketing Director at Cama Group, points out. / Technology - Technology Web Directory